Dianea Surbaugh Fan

I am totally a Dianea Fan! Dianea is a great model, she's not only great looking but has her own unique look and style and her personality comes through her photos.
I like her look and style which to me seems some what alternative, goth, industrial, but still remains in the main stream . I also like the vibes I get from her personality she gives off in her photos. She strikes me as being a strong woman who knows what she wants out of life. Dianea will go far in the industry and have a long career in modeling.
I am a big fan of Dianea and want to thank her for letting me to do this modeling fan site for her! ~ Bob Firestone

Bio / Stats: Dianea was born and raised in Beckley, West Virginia. She was very talented growing up and did drawing, writing, singing, and photography. She always had a great interest in modeling growing up: "I love being in pictures and modeling for them, even when I was little I would act as if I was a model". Modeling has become Dianea's greatest passion: "The reason I like modeling so much is because it has style and you're always seen as someone different and get to do many new things". Dianea always keeps an artistic eye in the digital editing of images she does: "I love to learn new things and will learn anything that will help me in my life long dream".

Location: West Virginia

Age 26
Height 5' 7
Weight 125
Chest 36
Waist 28
Hips 36
Eyes Blue
Hair Black

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